Real Feminism(tm): A Short Primer on the First Wave

Kill to Party

“Man’s intellectual superiority cannot be a question until woman has had a fair trial. When we shall have had our freedom to find out our own sphere, when we shall have had our colleges, our professions, our trades, for a century, a comparison then may be justly instituted.” -Elizabeth Cady Stanton July 19, 1848 Seneca Falls, New York

Nearly every conversation about Feminism hits a wall when the Feminist in question argues that the critiques are not representative of “real feminism,” but instead some kind of misguided straw-man that only someone very unfamiliar with First Wave Feminism would spout.

So a bit about First Wave Feminism.

In the early nineteenth century First Wave Feminism had two mothers: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

These women initially had very different goals and ideals. Anthony had the working woman in mind, and wanted equality of workers rights: “Anthony concentrated…

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